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Govind Vaghashia

Community Engagement & Non-Profits



Govind Vaghashia Community Engagement

Govind Vaghashia has over 40 years of experience in the real estate industry, but that’s not his only passion. He has integrated his professional work with VBanks and his passion for giving back to the community into his everyday life. 

Vaghashia began his educational and professional journey in India where he initially focused his education on achieving a professional background in chemistry. In 1968, he joined the RPTP college in Vallabh Vidyanagar for one year, and later attended the Swaminarayan Science College in Ahmedabad for three years. Govind was a busy, yet dedicated, student and was eager to work after hours.  All of the after-hours work seemed to have paid off when he ran and was elected as the General Secretary of the College Students’ Union.  To top it off he also scored the highest marks of his graduating class on his chemistry SSC exam!

Upon completing his chemistry degree, Govind Vaghashia decided to pursue his ambitions in the United States.  His story in the United States started in Los Angeles where he came to attend the University of Southern California and pursue an advanced degree in chemical engineering. While chemical engineering was enticing at first, after seeing the potential for developing real estate Govind opted out of his major and shifted his focus to study business at USC. While attending USC he worked long hours to provide for himself while supporting his family in India with whatever money he could save up and send them. Govind consistently raised the bar for himself, embraced hard work, faced challenges head-on, and remained disciplined in his process.

Govind currently serves as the CEO of his real estate investment firm, VBanks, and also serves as Board Member, Real Estate Broker and Chairman. VBanks is focused on maintaining value-driven results and focusing on their customers’ needs. Govind also favors ethical operations and transparency, which is something that his clients can relate to and appreciate. 

Charitable contributions and community engagement are a big part of Govind’s life and he strongly believes in making this world a better place to live. As an avid environmentalist, he also supports the Friends of the LA River (FOLAR), a nonprofit organization whose goal is to guarantee a river in the city of Los Angeles that is ecologically stable and accessible to the general public for generations to come. The group works hard to educate the community about this important enterprise. 

Govind is also very active in the Indian-American community. He served as the President of the Southern California Hotel/Motel Association, an entity which serves to protect the owners and operators within California’s wide-ranging lodging industry.  He served as the President and Chairman of the organization Federation of Indian American Associations (FIA) and the National Federation of Indian-American Associations (NFIA). He currently serves as the West Regional Director of global BAPS Charities. He actively supports all of their community outreach events, such as their annual Walkathon, health fairs, blood drives and food donations as well as supporting other local community groups.