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Giving back to those in the community you live in is so vital, especially during times of crisis. Through community engagement efforts and service projects, we can connect with others while helping the community thrive. This is important now more than ever because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many organizations in the private and public sectors are feeling the pressure of this ongoing crisis. In coordination with the help of BAPS Charities, Govind Vaghashia volunteered with other members of the community to deliver vital items to those at the Los Angeles EOC. Some of the items donated include: 

      • 26,000 surgical masks 
      • 5,000 pairs of gloves
      • 100 containers of hand sanitizer
      • 1500 packages of snacks 

The assistance EOC is receiving from the private sector is beneficial to those on the front lines. As 80% of the resources needed are in the private sector, this donation helps in a big may. Not only does it provide much-needed items, but it also helps with front-line worker morale. As the West Regional Director of BAPS Charities, Mr.Vaghashia is more than happy to support this outreach event and all other outreach events in the community. 


About BAPS Charities

The BAPS Charities organization works hard with volunteers around the world to serve communities in five different areas: 

      • Community Empowerment
      • Educational Services
      • Environmental Protection & Preservation
      • Health & Wellness
      • Humanitarian Relief

Through these initiatives, BAPS hopes to “empower individuals to volunteer their time and resources to create a better community, nation, and world. They believe that building better communities requires the help of those in the community.